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Happy St. Patrick's Day from everyone at F&G Services.

Remember to be responsible and use public transportation to your advantage.  Uber is also a great option to avoid driving.



to set your clocks ahead an hour Sunday, March 13th at 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.

The First Day of Spring is finally here.  That means it's time to start working on all of your outside projects.  Let us help you take a couple of items off of your list.  Install those new shelves in the garage you've been meaning to get to.  Get that basketball hoop in the driveway you've always wanted.  Get your house or apartment ready for the summer season and have us install your window ac unit and weather stripping on your doors.  There's a lot we can do for you.  Give us a call!


      Happy June!  It's been an odd weather season but it seems like we'll at last have some steady warmer weather.  Of course that means one thing: BBQ Season!  This month we have a few tips to keep your BBQ area clean and fresh looking as well as a few other to make your summer a pleasant one.


      Still have last years burger residue on your charcoal or gas grill?  Use baking soda mixed with a little water scrub your grill clean and rinse with warm water. 

Also try using a sliced lemon over a pre-heated grill to clean off anything that has stuck on since your last cooking session.  There are also a variety of eco-friendly spray on options that will have you up and grilling in no time.

      We all know that plants keep our front and back yards looking pretty in the summer but have you ever thought about a tree saving you money on your electric bill?


Placed correctly, a tree can provide natural shade for your home and cut cost eliminating the need to keep your ac system running at a higher level.  Of course it can also offer a branch to hang a swing from for you or your kids.


Speaking of eco-friendly savings, have you heard of LED light-bulbs?  They are the new wave of energy efficient lighting for your home offering a number of benefits.  LED light bulbs are free of toxic chemicals, low voltage, long lasting (some can last up to 11 years!), and work in extreme temperatures among other benefits.

      Another item that might need cleaning for BBQ season is your deck.  We can spend countless hours walking over it and the winter weather can certainly cause some damage wearing down the protective layer of stain.


      A good power washer and deck cleaner found at many hardware stores can turn an unsightly looking deck into something you'll want to use again for all the family parties.  Remember to seal it afterwards with a good stain and you'll be set for the summer.


     Of course if  re-finishing your deck seems too daunting a task we do have professional handymen who can do it for you.  All you'll need now is a good recipe for some mojitos and a couple of steaks to throw on the grill!

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